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Real-Time Inventory Asset Tracking: No-Code, AI & Blockchain Powered, Easy to Use.

Sync Your Inventory, Visualize Assets, Complete Audits 11x Faster, Save 90% Time & Money.

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How GearChain Revolutionizes Workflows


No-code Builder


Easy to Use


Secured Transactions

AI/ML Instant

AI/ML Instant Barcode Scan


Reports & Forecasting

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Auto-generate with AI

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Configurable Custom Fields

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Data Integrity With Blockchain

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How It Works

Download the app, create your forms and voilà, you're all set!

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Download Application

Our DApp can be downloaded in Appstore, Google Play


Quick Registration

Login with your Google or Microsoft account


Create First Form

Build custom inventory app in mins. Choose form fields for your asset tracking needs.


Scan and Go

Scan 1d/2d barcodes instantly, record or sync with your spreadsheet. Invite team or partner/customers to collaborate.

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If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, the GearChain DApp is designed for managing inventories. You can either sign in using your Google account or complete a registration form. After signing in, you have the flexibility to create tailored forms using specialized fields aimed at fulfilling asset management requirements. You can design multiple forms tailored to different projects, and you can invite other stakeholders like vendors and partners to specific forms, granting them varying levels of access.

If you exceed your monthly limit, you have options: upgrade to a more inclusive plan and/or purchase additional credits. These credits can be used for extra activities like scan entries, blockchain record verifications, and generalized AI usage.

GearChain is based in San Jose, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley in the United States.

This application is ideally suited for small business owners and operations managers who need to manage assets identified by 1D or 2D barcodes. It provides a real-time inventory tracking solution. Simply scan barcodes using your mobile device, input relevant details, and have it seamlessly sync with a spreadsheet.

Navigate to the reports page and opt to give the app permission to access your Google Drive and Sheets. This will create a new sheet linked to your form project, allowing you to synchronize your data easily.

We integrate blockchain for enhanced security, data integrity, transparency, and traceability. Gen AI is integrated to enable users to ask questions, create custom forms for inventory projects, request restocking forecasts, identify popular items, and provide personalized user experiences while automating tasks. These enhancements improve the app's efficiency and user engagement.

Seamless integration.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets and Excel, allowing you complete control over your data. You can also easily connect to legacy applications and ERPs via API.

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Why Choose GearChain?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose the GearChain app.

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AI/ML Barcode Scanning

Utilizes AI/ML algorithms for quick and accurate barcode scanning.

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Create Apps in 5 Min.

We empower non-IT Users to create a customized mobile app within 5 minutes.

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No-code app platform which allows easy to build and customize without programming knowledge.

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Role-based Access

Enables role-based access control to ensure data integrity and security.

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Auto-generate with AI.

Leverage AI algorithms to analyze data and automatically generate forms for various use-cases.

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Blockchain for Data Integrity

Ensures data integrity and traceability by recording barcode scans directly onto a blockchain.

Build Transparent Supply with Blockchain

The GearChain DApp, available on Android and iOS as well as web app, provides a platform for users to create customizable forms tailored to their supply chain necessities. Using the barcode-to-blockchain technology, each data entry generates a unique block hash that's dispatched to a distributed ledger, ensuring transactions are authenticated through a communal consensus protocol. It will authenticate each transaction with self-notorized data which will give trust and transparency to you and your supplier, partner, vendors across the board.

Build Transparent Supply with Blockchain

Optimize Operations with AI

Experience fast and precise barcode scanning to streamline your inventory process. Utilize our chatbot to build custom inventory forms tailored specifically for your retail store. Additionally, you can ask the bot to identify your best-selling items over the past few months or even forecast your restocking needs.

Optimize Operations with AI

Our Pricing

Start a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.



$20 mo
$29 mo


  • 2 User
  • 2 Custom Fields
  • 200 Entry per mo.
  • 2 Forms
  • 1,000 Asset Sync
  • Report
  • Gen Al
  • Blockchain
  • 24/7 Support
Choose Plan


  • 2 User
  • Unlimited Entry
  • 20 Forms
  • Unlimited Asset Sync
  • Report
  • Gen AI
  • Blackchain
  • 24/7 Support

Choose Plan
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Cut a 1-hour task down to 5 minutes.

No-Code Web 3.0 Mobile App Builder Platform

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