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Inventory Reconciliation Hack: Boost Accuracy and Reduce Time

Blockchain Admin Blog

Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of barcodes, spending countless hours cross-referencing paper lists with physical assets? You have thousands of items, each tagged with hundreds of barcode labels. You hold a document containing a lengthy inventory, complete with barcode numbers, names, and quantities.

Cross-referencing these barcode numbers against the physical assets with barcode labels could consume an entire day. This tedious and time-consuming process of verifying barcode numbers can feel never-ending, but there’s a game-changing solution on the horizon.

Introducing Gear App, your ultimate mobile barcoding inventory app, intricately synchronized with Google Sheets.

Imagine the possibilities: saving both your precious time and hard-earned money, all with the simple tools at your disposal. All it takes is your Gmail account and a trusty mobile device, be it an Android or iPhone. Just log in with your Gmail credentials, create a form specifying barcode, name, and quantity. Voila! Your Gear Google Sheet is born, now perfectly connected to your Gear App.

With a list of hundreds of barcode items in hand, all you need is copy and paste them into the Gear Sheet. But here’s where the magic truly happens. All you need to do is scan a barcode item, and it will retrieve data from the sheet in real-time. Simply confirm the quantity and hit the ‘submit’ button. In the blink of an eye, your Gear sheet is updated, complete with a timestamp for your convenience.

Say goodbye to those grueling 8-hour shifts of endless barcode cross-referencing. Thanks to Gear App, that arduous task has been transformed into an efficient 30-minute endeavor, all while ensuring remarkable accuracy.

More importantly, if you missed to count on any assets or lost, the financial loss is enormous. With Gear App, you can not only save time but also can save money and prevent any loss.