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Introducing GearChain Beta Batch 5: Streamlined Inventory Management with New Features

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We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our MVP, GearChain Beta Batch 5, which brings powerful new features to enhance your inventory management experience. In this update, we introduce Spreadsheet Import, Google Sheet Export, AI-powered Barcode Scanning with Pinch-to-Zoom, and Multiple Forms functionality.

Introducing GearChain Beta Batch 5: Streamlined Inventory Management with New Features

TL;DR: GearChain Beta Batch 5 Highlights

1. Spreadsheet Import: Easily import your inventory data from Excel or CSV files directly into GearChain.

2. Google Sheet Sync: Export your data to Google Sheets for advanced reporting and integration.

3. AI-Powered Barcode Scanning: Use pinch-to-zoom and flashlight features for accurate barcode scanning, even in low light.

4. Multiple Forms: Create and manage multiple forms for different asset tracking projects.

Get Started:

. Available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play.

. Sign up for the waitlist to enjoy a free one-year subscription to the full app upon launch.

1. Seamless Spreadsheet Import

You can now effortlessly import your existing inventory data from spreadsheets directly into the GearChain app. Here’s how to get started:

. Navigate to the “Report” section.

. Click on the “‘Import Sheet’” folder located under the Integration section at the bottom.

. Choose your Excel or CSV file from your mobile device’s file storage or Google Drive.

You’ll then be prompted to map your form fields to the corresponding columns in your spreadsheet. For instance, if your custom form has a ‘name’ field and your spreadsheet has a ‘description’ column, you can import the description values into the name field. For a detailed walkthrough, check out our 1-minute tutorial video.

2. Google Sheet Sync for Enhanced Flexibility

Exporting your entire data set to Google Sheets is now a breeze. Follow these steps to get started:

. Go to the “Report” section.

. Click the “Google Sheets” folder at the bottom.

Forms will be displayed, and by simply clicking the icon, a Google Sheet will be created in your Google Drive. This feature allows you to leverage Google Sheets’ advanced functions for custom reporting and integrate with other apps using the Google Sheets API. For more information, watch our 1-minute tutorial video.

3. AI-Powered Barcode Scanning with Pinch-to-Zoom

Our significant update includes an enhanced barcode scanning feature with pinch-to-zoom capability. If you have a barcode label that is too far away or too small, you can now zoom in to capture it accurately. Additionally, the flashlight feature enables barcode scanning even in low-light conditions. For a visual guide, see our 1-minute tutorial video.

4. Versatile Multiple Forms

You can now create multiple forms to suit different asset tracking projects. Here’s how:

. Click “Create new form” from the upper right corner under the three-dot icon.

This is a temporary location, and we will soon introduce a comprehensive form management feature under the upcoming settings pages. This will allow you to edit, delete, and manage forms and form fields with ease.

Start Free and Join the Waitlist

GearChain Beta is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. By signing up for the waitlist, you can enjoy exclusive benefits, including a free one-year subscription to the fully paid app upon its official launch. Click here to join the waitlist.