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Celebrating National Barcode Day: From Barcode to Blockchain with GearChain

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Celebrating National Barcode Day: From Barcode to Blockchain with GearChain

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Popular barcodes like EAN numbers and UPC codes have been around for more than 50 years and have had a significant impact on the world, especially in the retail, manufacturing, and logistics sectors.

Barcodes can be readily located on any products and identification cards for individuals. The transition to 2D barcodes like QR codes and Data Matrix will cause a significant change in the barcode industry and have a greater global impact.

QR codes, which stands for Quick Response codes, are created for rapid scanning to access additional information. While 1D barcode is limited to numbers, QR code can include text, URLs, and additional information.

It will significantly enhance tracking and tracing capabilities, making items readily accessible in various locations. GS1, the organization responsible for setting traceability standards for products, locations, and assets, is promoting the use of 2D barcodes with leading retail companies, and the GS1 initiative is scheduled to launch in 2026.

GearChain is excited to be a part of the barcode-to-blockchain trend, providing manufacturers, retailers, and logistic companies with quick track-and-trace capabilities using AI-powered blockchain technology.

It provides self-notarized data in the process, enabling interoperability, traceability, transparency, and provability, as well as strong security measures to prevent QR spoofing.

Celebrating National Barcode Day: From Barcode to Blockchain with GearChain
GearChain Barcode-to-Blockchain Concept

In short, our opt-in blockchain feature enables users to activate blockchain and scan to record on-chain, verifying each barcode scanning transaction, ultimately addressing the last mile issue in the supply chain.

We're proud to integrate barcode technology into our Web3-powered inventory management solutions, empowering businesses with future-proof technology.

🎉 Happy National Barcode Day!

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Happy National Barcode Day! 🎉 Barcodes like EAN and UPC have revolutionized retail, manufacturing, and logistics for over 50 years. Now, 2D barcodes like QR codes are taking center stage, offering enhanced capabilities with text, URLs, and more. At GearChain, we're leveraging blockchain to bring AI-powered track-and-trace to industries, ensuring secure, transparent barcode scanning for seamless supply chain management! #NationalBarcodeDay #QRcodes #SupplyChainManagement 🌐#scanniversary