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Introducing GearChain — a permisionless blockchain with Zero-coding DApp builders and protocol for SCM

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Welcome to GearChain

Welcome to GearChain — Reshaping the Supply Chain Management.

GearChain is a fast, affordable, and scalable decentralized platform that leverages the strengths of multiple blockchains, such as Algorand and Klaytn, to create a robust ecosystem in SCM.

GearChain aims to change the status quo by creating a standardized universal supply chain protocol with a customizable inventory app builder that doesn’t require coding.

This is achieved by building a trustless protocol and a decentralized ecosystem by leveraging multiple blockchains to create a reliable inventory system in which all the intermediaries can participate. The blockchain is immutable, so one can be sure that the data shared is untampered since being recorded.
GearChain DApp highlights
GearChain DApp highlights

GEAR web 2.0 App

GEAR web 2.0 App is evolving into a web 3.0 Dapp platform.

The GearChain originates from GEAR NBS, the Inventory App Builder with Google Sheets on web 2.0. Gear NBS boasted 2 million installers and once ranked among the top 30 in Google Marketplace.
GEAR web 2.0 App
GEAR web 2.0 App
It will now be able to take advantage of GearChain web3.0 DApp’s blockchain technologies and limitless growth potential!

What makes GearChain different from other SCM blockchain projects?

GearChain is first of a kind in barcode scanning based blockchain and its unique DApp allows any user to build a custom inventory application with blockchain without coding knowledge.

There are a few differentiators that distinguish GearChain from other supply chain or inventory blockchain projects.
  1. GearChain is an open, public, permissionless blockchain in a truly decentralized format. While many other SCM blockchain projects are highly centralized, private, permissioned for their inner circle of vendors on enterprise businesses, GearChain can be used by any individuals, small businesses with small warehouses or large businesses with 3/4/5PLs to participate in supply chain projects.
  2. Zero-coding, Easy to Use Inventory DApp builder. Anyone can build their own inventory system using GearChain DApp. Inventory systems can be customized just like Google forms, with inventory-specific form fields such as stock quantity, category, restocking threshold, location with GPS coordinates, and photos. It does not require any coding and can be created quickly.
  3. Just-In-Time Inventory with automation using Blockchain. Admin users can share blockchain transactions with suppliers, suppliers, and shippers, who have unique levels of permission, once a project has been created. When asset status or restocking threshold changes, all related stakeholders are notified with a trustless network.
  4. Your Smartphone is an IoT Device. Using a smartphone as both a barcode reader and an IoT device for inventory management, it is both affordable and simple to use for anyone involved. There are endless possibilities for your phone as an IoT device using GearChain protocol.
  5. GearChain DApp updates inventory data effortlessly. GearChain DApp saves time by simply updating the essential inventory data upon barcode scanning. Upon submission of data, a time and location of physical goods are automatically recorded with GPS coordinates and can be viewed on Google Maps.
  6. A Supply Chain that can be extended to NFT Users can take a photo of physical goods and prove the genuity and ownership of physical assets using NFTs. For example, a warehouse clerk may photograph valuable items such as artwork, jewelry, antiques, and submit them to the blockchain as NFTs, thus physical assets can be ‘tokenized’ and traded, making it more valuable.
  7. A Supply Chain that can be synced with Spreadsheet Every one of the entries is recorded to the google sheet in real-time with blockchain hash information. Since data is synced to the google sheet, it can be further utilized to integrate with third party legacy systems, customize with javascript, and/or report in real-time.

GearChain SWOT

GearChain SWOT

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Check out Gearchain website and whitepaper for more information. Also, follow GearChain Twitter, Telegram and submit a whitelist form in order to participate rewards, airdrops and upcoming Token Generation Events.